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About Energy West Resources

Energy West Resources (EWR) was founded in 1975 as an exploration and development company and has evolved into an energy marketing company.

EWR has engaged in natural gas trading, natural gas wholesale and retail supply operations, and natural gas production and gathering activities.

EWR is one of the largest regional natural gas wholesalers, wholesaling gas in Canada and Montana.

Energy Marketing Opportunities

With the opening of natural gas transmission lines, new oportunities have become possible for energy users. Energy West Resources provides energy supply to a wide range of customers, including industrial users, governmental agencies, universities and large commercial customers. Energy West Resources is one of the largest non-utility shippers of natural gas in Montana.

Innovative Solutions Teamed With Knowledgeable Employees

The Energy West Resources team is known for finding innovative solutions that enhance customer's value. Our people know how to effectively and accurately predict supply and demand. Since our entry into the supply business in 1992, Energy West Resources has never failed to meet its energy supply obligations.

Panorama of Natural Gas Services

  • Variable and fixed pricing
  • Load scheduling
  • Combined billing
  • Risk management
  • Peak shaving options
  • Load balancing
  • Gas storage facilities
  • Pipeline Management

Contact Energy West Resources

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Coord. Cust Contract, Supp. Great Falls Ohio 406-791-7561 406-791-7560 EWR-Cust-service@egas.net