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How to Start or Stop Service

Starting Service

Come into our office to sign up for gas service. Our Customer Service Representatives will ask you for account information and make arrangements to have the gas service started. A service deposit may be required to get the service turned on, but it will be refunded with interest after you have paid 12 consecutive bills on time.

New Construction Inside the City Limits of Great Falls and West Yellowstone

The plumber must complete a pressure test of the new house piping which must be inspected and tagged by the city building inspector. The meter must be connected to the house piping by the plumber before the meter can be turned on. Call your local gas company office to arrange for the meter to be turned on after this inspection is complete.

Outside the City Limits

Call your plumber to arrange for the piping inside the building to be completed. All piping must be installed by a state licensed gas fitter. The plumber is responsible for connecting the house piping to the meter. Once the gas piping has a licensed plumber's tag attached to it certifying that the plumber has completed a pressure test and the meter is connected to the house piping by the plumber, call Customer Service to arrange for the meter to be turned on.

Mobile Homes

When a mobile home is relocated to a new site, the house piping must be pressure tested, tagged by a licensed plumber, and connected to the meter by the plumber before your the meter can be turned on.



Stopping Service

If you need to terminate gas service, please call Customer Service at least 24 hours before moving since we must read the meter before closing your account. We will take a meter reading to close your account and send a final bill to your new address. Remember you are responsible for the payment of the gas bill for gas service in your name, even if you have an agreement with someone else at the service address. To protect yourself, always remember to have the gas service discontinued when you move out.