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William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody incorporated Cody, Wyoming in 1902. His vision for the community was very wide spread. He looked up on the abundance of uses of the land and incorporated them into his vision for the town of Cody.

Buffalo Bills forward thinking vision for the community was one of agriculture and tourism. The first reclamation project not only in the state of Wyoming but the nation as well was the construction of the Shoshone Dam and Reservoir. This project is now known as the Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir.

This project brought two claims to fame. At the time of completion the dam was the worlds largest. The other was that Cody's dream of turning the rich soils in the surrounding areas into rich farmland came true. Today many acres are still farmed. Natural gas plays a vital role in this staple in the local economy.

In 1926, a short 24 years after the founding of Cody, natural gas service was brought to the Cody area. With the abundance of gas around the area, it was a natural for the community to have service provided. In the early days of Cody, residents employed natural gas for space heating. Today natural gas has a much broader use base. ENERGY WEST Wyoming customers use natural gas to heat their homes and businesses. To dry their clothes and cook their food. Agricultural customers see natural gas as an economical way to irrigate the fields that Buffalo Bill once viewed as a viable life style.

When building a home or purchasing a new home, utilities are something that will be with you for as long as you own the home. It only makes sense that you purchase a home that offers the lowest in utility bills. ENERGY WEST Wyoming customers have enjoyed some of the lowest utility costs in the state and nation.

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